Antique Clocks Melbourne

Our range of clocks stocked and displayed in our Camberwell showroom represent a good cross section of those clocks sort by clock collectors and decorators both locally and internationally. Our emphasis is on originality, quality and worldwide collectability.

Represented in our stock are: carriage clocks, marine chronometers, English bracket clocks, English dial clocks, French mantel clocks, wooden cased mantel clocks, longcase clocks, grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, mystery clocks, novelty clocks, Vienna regulator wall clocks, wall clocks, skeleton clocks, slate clocks, marble clocks, tower clocks, electric clocks, gold and silver pocket watches, wrist and fob watches. When searching for clock repairs Melbourne, grandfather clock repairs Melbourne and repairs to all of the above type of clocks contact Snook & Company Horological Workshops.