Barometer Repairs Melbourne

Our vast range of antique barometers are selected for originality and quality of case work engraving and noted makers and represent a wide cross section of mercury barometers including stick barometers, wheel and banjo barometers, Admiral Fitzroy barometers, royal polytechnic barometers, marine gimballed barometers, ballooning barometers, mountaineering barometers and mining barometers. Also stocked are a range of antique aneroid barometers, carved aneroid wheel and banjo shaped barometers, plain cased aneroid barometers, brass ships aneroid barometers, wooden glazed cased barographs, brass cased pocket aneroid barometers, clock and aneroid combination barometers.

Most of our barometers date from the Georgian and Victorian period showcasing the best in Georgian mercury stick and banjo barometers and Victorian mercury stick and banjo shaped barometers. With a selection of Edwardian and later aneroid barometers of various designs and styles.
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